ATTENTION 5th Grade Parents!!! 5th grade Supply List and Parent Letter

5TH Grade School Supply List for 2016-2017

One 1-1/2 inch view binder
4 composition books

2 spiral bound notebooks (at least 70 pages)

2 packages of wide rule lined paper (100 pages/pack)

Colored Pencils (No Crayons)

Thin markers

2 dry erase markers

5 wooden Pencils

2 Red ink pens

2 Black or blue ink pens

Post-it Notes, in a variety of colors

4 Highlighters: yellow, green, pink, orange or light blue

Pencil pouch or ziplock bag (NO BOXES due to limited space)

1 ream of 8½” x 11” white copy paper with 300 sheets

1 pencil pouch (NO BOXES)

2 folders with pockets

Backpack or book bag

1 big box of Kleenex

Hand Sanitizer


*All supplies should have student’s first and last name printed neatly in permanent ink!


Disinfecting wipes

Liquid soap

Dry erase markers

Colored copy paper

Wooden pencils 


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