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Reminder: Every Wednesday is a Modified Day, which means early dismissal for all students.  TK and Kindergarten dismiss at 12:00, grades 1-5 dismiss at 12:30. Please visit our Facebook Page: Rivera Elementary, our Instagram Page: riveraelementary and our Twitter Page: RiveraERUSD   Rivera has a NEW phone number (562) 801-7650

Tips to Help your Child!

Welcome Families!  
 Vocabulary Words
Your child will be given a vocabulary list to study each week.
These words are the District High Frequency words. The children are expected to read independently. There are many ways to practice the words during the week.
  • 1. Read the vocabulary word list each day. Post them up at  home and practice reading them each day. Put a check mark after they can be read quickly. 
  • 2. Games are a fun way to practice reading the words.  You may make flashcards with them and play a game of  matching pairs (Concentration). 
  • 3. Use a dry erase marker and white board to practice writing the words. 
  • 4. Put the word cards in a bag and have your child win points each time they can read the word. Each word can be worth 10 points. 
  • 5. Rainbow writing: have your child use a different color to trace over the word as they read them. 
  • 6. Stick the word cards with tape around a room and have them run to find the word you say quickly and bring them to you. (Stick them up in place that have a clear path.)
  • 7. While in a car trip, have him or her spell it out to you. You can also spell it out and have him/her say the word aloud.  Spelling Words
Your child will be given a list of words on the homework page. Him/her need to study the words and be ready to take a spelling test each Friday. Some homework activities will help your child practice the spelling words.  
  •  Do the spelling practice work in your homework pages.  Results will be passed out the following week. 
  •  Use whiteboard and dry erase marker to have him/her practice the spelling words. 
  •  Give clues to the meaning of the word and have him/her look for the word on the list.
  •  Have him/her trace over the words with different crayons-"rainbow writing".
  • Cut out pictures and paste them in a booklet to use as a dictionary.
Reading comprehension
Your child will learn to read new words in a story. Here are ways to help your child understand words and stories. 
Read with your child 15- 20 minutes daily.
Ask him/her questions about the story. 
Who are the characters?          
What happened at the beginning?  
What happens in the middle of the story?
 What happens at the end of the story?    
What is the main event in the story?      
 Where does the story take place? 
When did the story happen?       
Why did the characters...?  
What problem is in the story?  
How did the problem get resolved?
Reading Fluency Practice 
Have your child read Take-Home book to three people and have them sign the book. It can be the same adult 3 times or siblings older than them.
If your child does not have 3 signatures they will be reading during their recess times.


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